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"PILGRIM", heralds The Great Voice Of The Turtle, "As a pioneer of the next 500 year cycle of North American society, what part of your Old World identity are you willing to forget as you set out upon this odyssey to get to know who I am? What part of it are you willing to remember? For Remembering and Forgetting is everything. The one you daily choose will determine the degree of pleasure and pain - the heaven or hell, as you humans call it - that you will discover during your life's journey upon me. Listen to my many voices that sing of a mystical tale that first began in the long, long ago time... Long before those invaders among your kind first came to my shores and began to artificially rename my native lands and people to suite their whim and fancy. In the East, humans once gathered upon my back, like to turtles, and the spirit of the place called itself - Turtle Island. In the distant West, they gathered upon me at a place calling itself Haida Gwaii, or 'Land of the People'. In the far North and South they gathered at still other wild places, each with its own natural name that spoke of the homelands of the 'The People'. Today, there still exists as many different spirit names within time as there are nations of indigenous humans and non-humans upon my body. But thousands of alien names like 'North America', 'Canada', 'United States', ' British Columbia', 'District of Columbia' enshroud me and all my native life in darkness. For you to reach beyond their shadows toward the light my names represent, is you to reach beyond their shadows toward the light my names represent, is to undertake a healing within yourself, you nation, me and all my minions.
This the ultimate odyssey you now must create for yourself."