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    As you turn the cover of this book, think of it as a window you've just thrown open wide. A window within the home that is your own body, mind and spirit.

    Imagine the time to be the midnight hour of Winter Solstice - The Eve of Christmastide.

    Unable to sleep because of all your excitement thinking about the wondrous gifts lying beneath the holy tree of life - newly brought into your home from the wild forest outside - you throw open this window of your dream-time place to catch some sense of the night's magic.

    Outside, in the crisp, cold, cobalt-black sky, thousands of stars twinkle in gay profusion amidst pale green, red, blue and yellow flashes of the aurora borealis. Dazzled by their brilliance and mystery, your thoughts begin to wander as far out into space as they all are.

    Suddenly it's as if you all at once are visited by the spirits of the past, present, and future - Your past, present and future - each offering up flashes of your life: as youth; as adult; an elder; and finally as one standing before the open grave that somewhere awaits.

    Each fleeting image represents some ultimate truth of life. Some truth's bright, happy, expectant ones. Others dark, sad and foreboding. All nevertheless seeking to aid you in either the reclamation or redemption of some aspect of yourself.

    Each, in turn, now patiently awaits you to gaze - to venture - ever deeper inside and outside the window's view here.