Return Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey

The Ropes Course Experience

Twin Rainbow-Irwin believes that one of the best ways to raise young peoples' self-esteem, confidence and social development skills
is to immerse them in experiential, cooperative, hands-on experiences in the outdoors or other alternative environments
that challenge youth mentally, physically and spiritually.

In addition to field trips taken to San Bruno Mountain, to study its native flora and fauna, and Yelamu Indian history, Twin Rainbow-Irwin has exposed his students to the Ropes Course philosophy. In such natural settings, says Twin-Rainbow Irwin, " youth, who in traditional public school settings are designated "learning disabled", turn out to be just as curious, imaginative, creative and responsive to direction and instruction as any other youth in the so-called normal mainstream community. The expressions on their faces, the nature of the tasks they're undertaking says it all."

Twin Rainbow-Irwin ("Mr. J."), 2nd fr. left; with his students


Negotiating the Trapeze                               Scaling the Perch!

Twin Rainbow-Irwin's students take the dare to explore untapped aspects of who they are and what they are capable of.

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